High Quality Staffing & Scheduling Solutions
For Emergency Services


NEED Physicians helps emergency medicine directors solve their scheduling and staffing challenges efficiently and easily so they can focus on delivering high-quality patient care and meeting physician wellness objectives.

By offering flexible staffing programs that provide reliable access to high caliber per diem EM physicians and a next-generation scheduling solution that is superior to SaaS solutions, NEED Physicians is committed to easing the administrative burden of running a busy ED.


OUR MISSION IS TO ADD EFFICIENCY TO EMERGENCY DEPARTMENTS, making it easier for medical directors to create schedules that meet physician preferences and department goals, while demonstrating equitable shift distribution among providers. When scheduling gaps arise, NEED is ready to help department heads fill them with highly credentialed physicians.

Leveraging our team’s deep experience in emergency services, we play an important consultative role in defining the scope of each assignment:

  • For staffing assignments, we identify the best-fit NEED physicians from our network of trusted EM specialists, and manage the relationship from start to finish, for a mutually successful experience.
  • We work with scheduling clients to ensure they realize the full value of MetricAid’s next-generation scheduling solution, accomplishing goals of equitable shift distribution, physician wellness, optimized shift allocation and efficient staff utilization.

The end results:  improved physician productivity, operational efficiency and gains in financial metrics.

We're here to help.