Collaborative Discovery & Placement

Large hospitals and healthcare systems often face seasonal or unscheduled physician staffing challenges. NEED has the experience and knowledge to help you overcome these intermittent gaps.

 Our collaborative placement process is led by emergency medicine specialists. NEED’s Discovery Team develops a full understanding of each client’s practice environment, including culture, technology, case mix and other variables. We partner with our clients to review their departments’ unique goals and solve scheduling gaps by proposing a roster of available ED physicians that meets their criteria. 

Access to Top-Tier Emergency Physicians

By understanding the unique practice needs and culture between provider, medical staff and department staff, NEED can identify the right pool of emergency medicine specialists to fill your open shifts.

We vet our physicians extensively, evaluating education, experience, aptitude and attitude to ensure a multi-faceted match. We recruit physicians that have graduated from highly rated medical schools and residency programs and have experience gained from top-tier hospitals and academic medical centers.

Onboarding Support, Performance Management and On-going Communication

We have streamlined the credentialing and onboarding workflow, adding ease and efficiency to the process for hospitals and physicians. 

  After a physician is onboarded, our team members will communicate regularly with their hospital counterparts. Together, we will ensure that the NEED physicians are performing as required. 

Over time, NEED EM physicians will become part of a hospital’s extended team of approved providers, making it easier to fill future staffing gaps when they occur.